Spars and sails are purchased through the Zephyr Owners' Association.

​​​​​​​Spars and Sail Pricing 

Download the file via the link to determine the cost of a mast and rigging combination.

(Please note spars pricing will be updated for 2021 and any orderers will be contacted and updated).

​​​​​​​PRICES (UPDATED Nov 2021)

Bare Mast Section $1380

Boom $353

Various options to assemble the mast yourself are included in the spreadsheet.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sail  $950 (2021 price)

Complete with window, number (black, blue, red or green), tall tales and tube bag.​​​​​​​

Blue Streak Battens - $260 per Set

Got a Ronstan gooseneck and the pin has worn out? 

Milton is making stainless versions of them:

027 609 4211


    1. Download and fill out an order form
    2. Send form to Tony Miller (Treasurer)

Mast and Boom Order Form Nov 2021

Website Sail Order Form

Tony Miller, Treasurer

Carbon Fibre Battens

​​​​​​​Carbon fibre C-TECH battens can be customised with either your name, or your boat's name or sail number. Handy for the boat park!

Get in touch with C-Tech at