West Wind Newsletters

West Wind is the Zephyr Owners' Association's Newsletter. This was originally produced by John Vale in Hamilton in the 1980s and was revived in the 1990s by Rob Ebert, who produced West Winds until his retirement from his role of ZOA Secretary in 2020. It is now produced by ZOA Secretary Brian Peet. While the West Wind was posted to members well into the 2000s, it is now distributed via email and shared on the Zephyr website.

It is produced at various times of the season, less often nowadays as members turn to the website and email correspondence for news, and to social media for community updates.

The West Wind serves as an excellent record of the history, activities and changes in the Zephyr class.

There are great contributions from various Zephyr sailors and measurers within the West Wind issues, and they make an interesting read.


  • ZOA Secretary, Brian Peet, for a copy of the West Wind.
  • West Wind Editor, Paul Mason, to contribute to the Newsletter.


Editors: Paul Mason 2023 - current; Brian Peet 2020-2023; Rob Ebert 1997 - 2020.