The Zephyr is essentially a one design class, administered by the Zephyr Owners' Association (Inc).

The various documents for administering the Incorporated Society and managing the class are on this page.

One enjoyable aspects of Zephyr sailing is the laid-back attitude of the competitors and it is important that we don't lose that. It is important for the future of the class that we make sure that we realise we are competing in a one design class and that all our competitors are mindful of, and abide by the rules

To this end all boats competing in the nationals are required have a current measurement certificate. Boats that may have had a measurement and have been restored or have had alterations and don't have a current certificate also require re-measuring. The ZOA has a measurement committee and two main associations in Auckland and Canterbury each have measurers who can be contacted if you have any questions regarding measurement or the rules.  If in doubt it best to ask.

The class rules undergo regular revision, the latest are the April 2021 version.

Sails are now a one design by Doyle Sails and can be purchased through the association at the Trading Corner, but here is the original sail plan.

Rules Archive

The original rules that accompanied new boats for home finishing can be downloaded here.

Updated Finishing Instructions are available now too here.

ZOA Constitution

The ZOA is an Incorporated Society, here are its Rules