Resignation Statement from Peter Busfield

To members of the Zephyr Owners' Association of NZ Inc.

Hi all,

It is nearly two years since you appointed me as President and I have enjoyed the privilege, opportunities and challenges that this role brings.

The class is in good stead and continues to be New Zealand’s largest adult dinghy sailing class.  We continue to enjoy large turn outs for the national competitions and the regions are all very active throughout the year.  The increased media coverage along with our flash new web site is working well and we are seeing some new sailors to the class, bringing down the average age of all sailors!

Over the last 2 years you, our membership, have agreed on several major rule changes including splitting the corrector weights fore and aft for boats underweight and definitive rules on the now permitted use of fibreglass reinforcing and sheathing and banning of carbon fibre for hull sheathing.  Going forward the development of the full fibre glass Zephyr, still with an option for a beautifully varnished wooden deck, is well on the way and I believe this has potential to see further growth of the class.

At the Executive meeting of last week, it was agreed to withdraw or make conditions on the measuring certificates on boats that have carbon fibre sheathed hulls. This will have implications, including financial and or otherwise, for the owners of these boats. For some boats, the market price will likely be adversely affected and/or the owners will have to remedy these boats at their cost to the satisfaction of the Executive.

In my daily work role as Executive Director of the NZ Marine Industry Association I have a business relationship with some of the above referred boat owners and also boatbuilders that have been involved in refurbishing boats with carbon fibre hull sheathing.

The above situation is a potential conflict of interest for me and as such I have resigned from the role of ZOA President and from the ZOA Executive.

The Zephyr is a great little yacht and the people involved in the class are awesome.  I look forward to many years enjoying the sailing and friendships this class provides.

Kind regards,

Peter Busfield.

Posted: Tuesday 15 October 2019