A Christchurch Reflection

A Christchurch Reflection


Salam, peace

On Friday, 22 March at 1.30pm we answered a call to prayer and observed a 2 minute silence for the 50 people killed in two Christchurch Mosques the previous week.

People of all faiths throughout New Zealand, Australia and the World have gathered together to express love and peace to our Muslim families that have been caught up in this act of violence.

Candles have been lit, cards have been written and wreathes placed to celebrate the lives of young and old who gathered for the Muslim call to prayer.

Within our sporting organisation we have members and families that will know of people affected by this tragedy. Personal conversation, a plate of food, with love and reflection is often a great help.

Observation and comment

Our 63rd National  Zephyr  Championship in Tauranga. What a great event we had. The Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club is a well- oiled machine  and the harbour breeze and weather was up to expectation.  The start line with a fleet of around 54 was full of drama,  with the tidal conditions  causing all the top guns concern with recalls and in one race the Principal Race Officer waved the Black Flag.

The fleet.  I was interested to look over all sorts of interesting gadgets, foils and ‘go fast’ paint that presented itself on the beach frontage. It is evident that owners take a great deal of pride in presentation and observing the Zephyr class rule book. Despite appearances it is the ‘nut’ on the tiller that determines the drama of rounding marks, trying to stay the right way up, and the welcome relief of crossing the finishing line. Often the best fun is had at the  back of the fleet and being rewarded beating the competitor just in front of you to the finish. Been there done that.

The Forum.

What an interesting meeting that was. All the contestants enthusiastically joined in the debate, and voted on several contentious topics. Over the years  the Zephyr Class has a reputation thoughout the NZ yachting scene as one of the largest and well organised classic dinghy classes. Long may it continue. I will not comment on the proceedings,  only to congratulate Peter Busfield,  with the skills of chairing the meeting. Over the past year or so the ZOA executive have worked their way through the challenge of rules applying to the new 600 series hulls, weights and building. Pleased to see resolutions and the way forward.

Membership in all regions.  I was pleased to attend the 2018 AGM at Pt Chev and meet up with members and catch up on what is of concern and resolutions. We live in a changing world and the challenges facing an ever increasing demand of volunteer work and resources. Pleased to read in a recent email that Don Currie has surfaced in the far North,  and is continuing his skills and promotion of the class. It would appear that the future of the class in the area of glass hulls is competing with wishes from modern family life styles, and having fun on the water. Cost, maintenance, time are all part of the equation.  The consumer dollar is to a certain extent driven by the cult of give me, give me, give me.


Can I put a plug for the 2020 nationals on the waters of Queen Charlotte Sounds, Picton. The Canterbury Zephyr owners Association in conjuction with the Queen Charlotte  Sounds Yacht Club have settled on the dates of  Saturday 1 to Wednesday 5 February. They tell me that the foundations of the new club house are laid and framing etc is underway. The new facilities will be up and running for the Zephyr event. I believe that Worser Bay is looking after the exercise of cost and logistics of boats across the water. You need to sort accommodation  in and around Picton ASAP.

Yours in Zephyr fellowship

Alex Aitken    Patron

Posted: Sunday 24 March 2019