Communication to the Class

Zephyr Nationals Coming up!

A reminder from the Tauranga Organising Committee to get your entry forms in so event planning can be refined.

Attached is a .pdf of the NOR and a Word version of the Entry form. To enter on line, complete and email return the Word document as instructed in the form. The text lay out of this .pdf version may differ from previous versions, to accommodate a revised entry form, but the content of the NOR has not been changed.

From the ZOA Executive

Following a question/ request to the ZOA Executive from a Zephyr owner regarding the validity of supporting knees from the centre case to the cockpit floor, the Executive sought the advice of our Chief Measurer and then agreed with his opinion, that under the rules, such knees are not permitted.

 In addition, the Executive therefore wishes to bring the following issue to the notice of all ZOA members. Since his appointment as Chief Measurer, Graeme Robinson has been asked to comment on, or interpret, a number of the Class Rules.

 Graeme has pointed out that, under the current Class Rules, and as defined in the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS), the Zephyr Class is a “closed class”, ….. “where anything not specifically permitted by the class rules is prohibited.” This point is not always appreciated by members, who value being able to “personalise” their boats. That is actually a part of our rules too – the freedom of finish and equipment, but what can actually be done is not prescribed in the rules.

 One area of interest to members is increased support for the centrecase with knees to the cockpit floor at the forward end, ties from case to the carlins at the forward end and centrecase/centrethwart knees. As the rules are silent on these additions they are prohibited. The ZOA Executive, whilst recognising the problems with this area of the rules, considers that boats with these additions do not comply with the rules and could be subject to a technical protest. A potential defence is that some of these additions are present on a number of boats, so they are the class norm, or that if they were present when the boat was measured, their measuring certificate is valid under rule 1.10.14.

It is anticipated that these, and other issues will be thoroughly debated at the upcoming Zephyr Nationals!!

As my membership database may not be totally up to date, can I ask the regions to ensure it is distributed.


Rob Ebert


Posted: Sunday 20 January 2019