Update on GRP Issues

The previously advised investigation by John Faire has been completed and his report tabled to the ZOA Executive Committee. After consideration, the committee has adopted the report and will be proceeding with his recommendations. The only addition to the Faire Report will be a second voting option for the plywood deck. His report recommended removing ‘marine’ from the plywood descriptor, but due to a wide variety of opinions held by ZOA committee members, it was decided to offer ZOA membership two choices. The alternate voting option will contain a more defined ‘marine plywood’ descriptor.

Any changes to the existing class rules will be made by the ZOA membership at a Special General Meeting held in Auckland on either Saturday 23 December 2017 or Sunday 21 January 2018. A final date will be advertised once various document drafting is completed. These documents will be emailed to class members in the next ten days. For those outside Auckland, pre-meeting emailed proxy voting will be available.

The time frame is compressed due to the proximity of the 2018 Nationals. The intention is to have rules in place enabling GRP boats to be presented for measuring without rule induced impediments preventing successful completion. Obviously, the onus remains on an owner to present a boat that fits the letter of the class rules.

The committee is actively pursuing options for a Chief Measurer, with six possible candidates advanced by Yachting NZ. The positions of President and Treasurer will also be open for nomination at this meeting from within the class. It is important these positions are filled otherwise the class faces a continuum of the problems that have beset us over the last twelve months. If you enjoy sailing Zephyrs, don’t stand back, become involved in class management. We are short on the ground and without fresh input by those of you now sailing, the class organisation will not survive.

Zephyr Owners' Association Executive Committee.
Rob Ebert
John Kliffen
Andy Knowles
Richard Middleton
Richard MacKay
Brian Peet
Steve Pyatt
Peter Stokell

Posted: Friday 1 December 2017