Auckland Winter Series

Below is the latest program for the winter. We will hold and record a proper Winter series this Winter and award the Winter Series Cup. Brian Peet will set up the results on Sailwave which will allow a good number of drops. So no worries if you have a long winter holiday planned in warmer climes, there are still plenty of race days. Later in the winter you can see we have a number of BRRRR early starts, but the good thing about this is we can hopefully get racing away before the wind gets up on those windy days.

Winter Series

Sunday 11 June   13:00     Winter 1   Manly
Sunday 18 June   12:00     Winter 2   Pt Chev
Sunday 2 July      12:45     Winter 3   Pt Chev
Sunday 16 July    11:00     Winter 4   Pt Chev
Sunday 23 July    13:00     Winter 5   Manly
Sunday 30 July    11:15     Winter 6   Pt Chev
Sunday 13 Aug    10:30     Winter 7   Pt Chev
Sunday 20 Aug    13:00     Winter 8   Manly
Sunday 27 Aug   10:30      Winter 9    Pt Chev
Sunday 10 Sept   10:00      Winter 10   Pt Chev
Sunday 17 Sept   13:00     Winter 11   Manly    
Sunday 24 Sept   10:00      Winter 7    Pt Chev  Daylight Saving Starts
Sunday  8 Oct     10:00      Winter 8    Pt Chev 

Posted: Monday 1 May 2017