Nth Island Champs Report

It was fresh in Taupo yesterday so we waited for the wind to drop before starting. Craig as usual was rearing to go in the early puffs in the high 20s. We eventually started in a fairly fresh 18 knots with the odd gust around 22knots. The seas were steep and short which made for great fun on the reaches and runs if you could survive.

There was degree of carnage on the race course. Murray and Peter Busfield broke rudders stocks, Hansie brook his boom. Which meant the rescue boats were already quite busy by the time that Steve tried the old hold onto the boom during a gybe with the nose trick. He was also concussed it turned out later. He managed to right the boat and sailed down the next leg before capsizing again. He did evenetually make it to shore. I should mention that has well as a broken nose and concussion, he was already carrying a strapped dislocated/ broken  finger from a mountain bike accident earlier.

The photo does not quite do him justice. He has swollen purple eye areas that will get him a good sympathy vote from the ladies.

Other notable capsizes were Tim and Craig.

Back to the racing. Race 2 was less fresh and after the lunch break we waited as the wind just disappeared.

At the end of the day, Greg Wright ( Wgtn) was leading.

Tony Miller

Posted: Monday 16 February 2015